A Careful Reemergence


We have all been in a holding pattern for the past 15 months or so —

and the world is opening up again.

Is it time?

Are you ready?

I’ve had the extreme honor and pleasure of chatting with quite a few of you these past few weeks on the phone — and it’s been delightful.

I absolutely love it.

And a pattern is starting to emerge from these phone calls —

a sense of anxiety.

fear of “going back” to the hectic frenziness of the past.

There’s an awful lot to hate about being locked down and being told you can’t do this or that or the other thing you really wanted to…

but there’s still been a lot of relief.

Relief of obligations.

relief that you don’t have to say YES to things you don’t want to do —

And my hope and prayer for you — as we begin to emerge back out into the world — from our safe and secure cocooned homes —

is that you Go Slow.


Don’t automatically say YES to each and every thing that gets offered —

only do the things that you really want to do — the things that feed your soul.

if something isn’t a “hell yes” then pause — does this mean that it’s a “no”?

listen to your gut, your intuition, your inner GPS.

Remember, you get to decide how you live out your life. You get to determine what path you are on, and how to live out the life of your dreams.

Hey Steph? What if I Don’t KNOW what my path is?

That’s a fixable problem. You are doing too much — and you aren’t giving yourself time to dream.

That’s where The Peace Pyramid comes into place.

If you’ve got too much to do, and that’s not your fault. We live in a GO GO GO world.


Slow Down again. Take a deep breath.

Get your house in order — get all the STUFF done, squared away, and taken care of.

In the process of getting everything methodically built out properly, pockets of time will naturally become available to you.

Trust the process.

If you are worrying — you aren’t dreaming.

Dreaming and worrying are 2 sides of the same imagination coin.

Pick the side that feels good.

I can’t take your worries away, or erase them completely, but I most certainly can help you to build out the support structure you need to live an inspired and fulfilled life.

For the summertime months, I am offering a 3 for 1 coaching package — this means that you get 3 months of coaching, ALONG with full lifetime access to the Simple Shortcuts to Peace for the price of one month.

To see if we are a good fit to work together to map out exactly what your path to the future looks like, sign up for a for-free consultation/mindset upgrade call, here:


I think you are amazing and wonderful. Consider yourself loved and hugged.

xoxo steph



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