A peaceful, stress-free life can be yours.


I know I get it. When I was in the midst of new mothering, trying to get a business off the ground, all while taking care of
all the people and all the things and all the schedules, it became overwhelming and too much and I desperately wanted
someone, somewhere to just TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Welcome to Simple Shortcuts to Peace.



*time management
*home organization

This step-by-step course will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do, (and what you DON’T need to do!) so you’ll be able to live a balanced and peaceful life, one that allows you to slow down and enjoy your time with your kids, while still getting everything done that you need to do.

Because this is HARD work and you are ALREADY doing way more than any one human can handle.
That’s why this course was specifically designed to be easy to follow, with practical tips and tools that you can use to make your life simpler and more streamlined.

The primary goal of this self-paced course is to help you find a way to get everything done that
you need to do so that you finally have time to do all the things you WANT TO DO.

This is the “fairy godmother” you’ve been searching for

This course is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your unique needs, so you can tailor it to fit your busy lifestyle. The value-packed, affordable, and easy-to-follow course is overflowing with practical tips and tools that you can start using immediately.

With this carefully crafted guidance, you’ll learn how to prioritize your time, manage your money, improve your health, strengthen your relationships, and keep your home organized and clutter-free. So, if you’re ready to take control of your life and find peace and tranquility amidst the chaos, join us. We are happy to have you.

You deserve to finally live the life you’ve always wanted.

This is the only personal development and self-help organizational course specifically designed for people who are looking to meet their personal & professional goals that ALSO includes one-on-one coaching.​


This perfectly packaged course is designed to take you step-by-step through all of the components of the Peace Pyramid in a thoughtful, methodical, and sustainable way. Each month there are optional Zoom calls (recorded and sent out if you can’t make the call) and every single enrollee is entitled to TWO one-on-one coaching calls with Steph.



Inside this self-paced course packed with step-by-step guides and proven strategies, you’ll get your day-to-day life
structured so it’s peaceful, easy, and joyful and it won’t be hard or complicated. #pinkiepromise

Here’s what you get:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to segment your days into mini chunks and exactly how (and why!) to schedule every component of your life – me time, kids’ endless extracurricular activities, and even date night with your partner
  • How to delegate:  No, YOU don’t have to do all the things all the time. It’s okay to protect your boundaries and it’s okay to ask for help. Also? Your kiddos are perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves. Learn valuable techniques I learned while running preschool centers for homeless children.
  • The exact words to use anytime you need to get out of a pointless meeting, class, or event (hint: it does NOT include the word “sorry”)
  • How to actually prioritize your health every day, even when your kid is home sick for the third time this month and the roof just sprung a giant leak
  • How to create a realistic budget (even if math is not your thing!) – and the one thing you can’t overlook
  • The P.R.O.M. method for decluttering your home, plus the seven chores that really need to be done daily and the ones you can save for spring cleaning or delegate out
  • How to keep your home company-ready, even when every day is jam packed with field trips and Zoom calls and you barely have five minutes to load the dishwasher 
  • The most important relationship of all (spoiler alert: it’s not your marriage…) and how to nourish it – and the four other major relationships in your life
  • Proper communication techniques – see ya, cold shoulder and arguments that devolve into finger pointing and name calling (because that’s mature)
  • How to finally feel happy, content, at peace, and proud of yourself when you crawl into bed each and every night

Meet your host, Stephanie O'Dea:

Stephanie is a NYT best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, certified life coach, wife, and a mom to three daughters – and one basset hound named Sheldon.

She’s been featured on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Oprah.com, Real Simple, Prevention, the New York Post, is the founder of A Year of Slow Cooking, and is the host of the Slow Living Podcast. She teaches busy people, just like you, how to get their “have tos” over and done with so they can focus more energy on their “want tos.”

Her books and websites have reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world and helped them design put-together, calm, peaceful lives. Your dreams might be different from hers (she wanted to work from home while raising her kids) – but her proven time management techniques and mindset shifts are based on cognitive behavior and psychology research and been tested by thousands of women from all over the world —

Together, we can help you craft the life you’ve always dreamt about – one where you are meeting & exceeding all of your personal & professional goals in a steady & sustainable way. You’ve spent years and years putting others first.


Steph with her dog

With the right system in place, you can handle even the most unexpected things life throws your way – and your health and relationships will be better


What people are saying

Questions? We got you covered

You are right. When you try to follow a one-size-fits all approach to Life and Time management it doesn’t leave room for life’s ups, downs, and all-arounds.

This is why I’m so passionate about combining a proven framework with personalized one-on-one coaching. If all we had
to do was follow a specific recipe for a life well lived we’d all look alike, sound alike, and have the same thoughts and beliefs.

And that is not real life.

In real life your version of success is different than your co-worker’s or the lady down the street. Within the Simple Shortcuts to Peace framework we will take the time to truly and honestly assess what you actually WANT and then together we will make a plan to help you get there in a slow, steady, and sustainable way.

Together, we will reprogram your brain and mindset by using proven techniques found in psychology and cognitive behavior therapy to thoughtfully get all you want out of life. It’s not fun to feel as if you are constantly taking one step forward and two steps back – together we will create mini goals and milestones to keep you motivated and on track to meet your long term goals and aspirations.

Yes. The beauty of the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course is that I want you to live a long, healthy, and satisfying life WHILE moving towards your personal and professional goals.

We’ve all heard stories of the business executive who was so focused on monetary wealth that her family life was neglected and stories of someone who finally reached a certain accolade of success to get sidelined by a health scare.

I don’t want that for you.

You can absolutely find a way to live out your own version of “The American Dream” in a steady and sustainable way without sacrificing yourself or your sanity.

You can, but it will take longer. This is a system for success that has been tested by hundreds of people (primarily women) from all over the world. Consider this program a way to set yourself up for lifelong success. It’s not a “quick fix” or a “hack” – but a proven formula to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

One of the main components of the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course is that you are not left to fend for yourself. Each month there is an optional group call where you can meet other like-minded people and all enrollees are able to have two individualized coaching calls with Steph.

Having another set of eyeballs on your thoughts and patterns is a great way to uncover bias and see if you are
inadvertently self-sabotaging.

You are right for this program if you are done trying a bunch of things and you are still not moving forward with your personal and professional life goals or dreams.

There are usually two schools of thoughts when it comes to goal setting and achieving:

1) Manifestation
2) SMART goals and “white knuckling” your way to success

I love thought work and am a huge proponent of daydreaming and journaling but you can’t just sit around and hope and pray for things to change. You have to create a plan and follow it through to get from where you are to where you want to be in life.

I find SMART goals rather stupid when it comes to life planning and long term goals and dreams. In real life you can not place a timeline on many things and forcing yourself to adhere to an unrealistic plan in order to achieve an arbitrary deadline is what causes feelings of failure and inadequacy.

You can absolutely live out the life of your dreams with the right plan and support system in place.

The price of the Simple Shortcuts to Peace program is a one-time fee of $550. I don’t currently offer a payment plan because of credit card fees and the logistical hassle of tracking down payments. That said, if this is a financial hardship please email me directly and we can work something out.

I have tried to be as thorough as possible with this course to provide everything you will need to build out a solid foundation to have success in all areas of your life. This one-time fee will give you unlimited access to all of the video trainings, worksheets, ebooks, and downloadable trackers. You may join into the once a month calls for as long as you’d like and all course participants are eligible for two one-on-one coaching calls that are redeemable at any time.

Live Slowly
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