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Slow Down & Simplify

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Publication Date: September 3, 2021

Interested in breaking away from the Hustle Culture, and are ready to live the life you’ve always wanted? One that’s filled with peace, joy, abundance, and a sense of purpose.

This is the book for you!

Written in a friendly, conversational, neighbor-next-door tone, NYT best-selling author Stephanie O’Dea shares the 5 Steps to take to design the life you’ve always wanted.

(want a cheatsheet? The 5 Steps are:)

  1. DeClutter (P.R.O.M.) all that isn’t working for you
  2. Figure out where you Want to Go
  3. Stay Positive & Present
  4. Baby Steps towards forward
  5. Tweak & Fine-Tune as needed


58 pages, completely free of charge.
Download now and learn how Slowing Down actually can help you achieve MORE — health, wealth, and a life filled with a calm sense of purpose & satisfaction.


What People are Saying

“Thank you again for your humour, family, down-to-earth sensibilities. You really are a bright and funny woman, one that I aspire to.”