Be the Dandelion, not the Orchid

alternative title:  how to be okay —- really, really, really okay — no matter what is thrown your way.

My baby turns 13 today. I’m not ever going to parent a little kid again.

I’m not going to lie, my heart feels a teeny bit sad even though I’m beyond thrilled for the bigger kid/quasi-teen she is turning into.

I write in the How to Live Slowly book that the only constant in life is change, and that I have tried my hardest to hold

P.A.C.E — which is the acronym I came up with when I’m feeling this way:


Acceptance of



there’s nothing I can do about my kids getting older except love on them. Yup, I can be a bit sad and kind of wistful and remorseful that I can’t cuddle on the couch all day long and watch Dora the Explorer on repeat and feel productive —

but it’s not healthy for me to dwell for too long, and it’s certainly not helpful to project my feelings onto her.

So instead, I’m telling you. 😉

But why are you telling me this, Steph?

oh good, I’m glad you asked.

It’s because this is it. We haven’t decided one way or another what really and truly happens after this life, but we can all agree that we are living now.

or at least we are ALIVE now. Maybe not all of us are truly LIVING.

only you know if that’s true for you.

and I want you to want better.

whomever you are right now can absolutely get stronger. can get healthier. can get wiser, and more at peace, and more content.

EVEN if you don’t necessarily like change and wish things could go back to the days when you could sprinkle a handful of Cheerios on the kitchen counter and call it breakfast.

When you have solid roots and are able to adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people in your life, you’ll find a way to grow and thrive and flourish —

but you really do need to slow down and make a plan to get rooted.

I’m holding the very first group call for the participants in the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course this saturday.

This is a self-guided course in that you can binge-watch the information or drip it out however you see fit. But all participants are able to attend a once-a-month group call and everybody also gets to have 2 calls with me, one-on-one.

I know how strong you can be and how strong you can get when you build your roots deep — your foundation stable.

Everything is learnable and you are not alone.

Use the code “MASSIVEJANUARY” for $450 off immediately. I want this to be affordable and accessible to all.


xoxo steph

here’s the direct link to the sales page:


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