What is your FIRE number?

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Hi there Slow Down Society, and happy Tuesday!!!
(last week I accidentally emailed you on Monday. Last week was a blur — I didn’t know what way was up and was in full on vacation mode. ?)
Today we need to do some Mathing.
even if Math isn’t your strong suit.
It most certainly isn’t mine — I was an English major and married Adam so I could put math away for good.
Or so I thought.
Today’s encore episode is about figuring out your FIRE number — your financial independence and retirement age number.
You’ve got to know what you’re working towards — otherwise you’ll just be on a perpetual hamster wheel.
I get asked, sometimes, what is the best gift to give to children —
and this is the answer:
Knowing that you are going to be all set in your retirement and they don’t have to worry about you.
not a trip to Disney.
or Europe.
or a paid for college “experience” —
but instead, give them the ability to learn how to Adult and take care of themselves and their future so they don’t need to worry about taking care of you.
Speaking of saving money …
The new coupon code for the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course is “MASSIVEJANUARY” — this will take $450 immediately off of the price and you will garner access to all of the worksheets and videos and downloadables.
This is the lowest the price will be — I’m inching it back up to “normal” this calendar year.
January: $100
February $200
March: $400
April: $500
May: $550
It’s taken a lot of tweaking and modifying, but if you are ready to live out the life you’ve always wanted to, this is how you build it out.
Learning how to do the work and coach yourself is monumental;  I have included all of the framework needed inside.

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