Constant Redirection — of your thoughts


Train Your Brain

I’ve been doing a lot of one-on-one coaching lately, which I absolutely LOVE, and something came up the other day that I wanted to share.

My wonderful client and I were joking around and decided that, “paying attention to thoughts is somewhat exhausting!”

and we are right.

it can be bone-aching exhausting —

but also the most rewarding and phenomenally amazing experience all at the same time.

Just Like Having a Toddler.

You know how if “you’re doing it right” — raising a toddler is both physically and mentally exhausting?

You need to CONSTANTLY redirect a toddler — and you can’t do it while sitting on the couch surfing your phone — you’ve got to actually get off the couch, cross the room (without tripping on strewn legos), put your hands gently on his shoulders, and physically redirect him away from the electrical outlet.

“We don’t play with this. It’s dangerous. Here, play with this soft and fluffy purple teddy bear.”

That’s what you need to do with your thoughts.

It’ll be hard in the beginning. You’ve got to slow down and pay attention to what is going on in there — you might be acting on auto pilot —

but redirecting your thoughts is a learnable skill.


and you can do it.

It Will Get Easier and Easier and You Will Be Astonished

And just like parenting a toddler — training yourself to pay attention and redirect your thoughts to ones that serve you, to thoughts that feel good, will become so easy that one day you just can kind of Let Go.

and your thoughts will be lovely and wonderful young adults who hold open the door to Starbucks for strangers, empty the dishwasher because they know it will make you happy, and put the empty yogurt container all the way into the garbage can.


Tweak as Needed

Sure, you’ll need to do some tweaking here and there as your life ebbs and flows to get your thoughts back in alignment — but the BULK of the hard work will happen in the first few months and years when you start to reign in your toddler-acting thoughts.

It Takes a Village

You are not alone.

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