Type A, Type B, or Type LMNOP

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Let’s talk Types.

Do you consider yourself Type A or Type B?

I’ve had quite a few coaching calls the past few weeks while I’ve been off school for summer vacation, and this theme keeps coming up.

Those who consider themselves Type A secretly wish they could be Type B.

and vice versa.

the issue with secretly wishing to be something you’re not — is that you really won’t ever be satisfied and at peace until you love (deeply, and unconditionally) yourself the way you are RIGHT NOW.

meet you where you are.

love you where you are.

What does this mean for you?

it means — that if you are a bit Type A — you do NOT need to have things be “Monica Clean” for them to be considered clean.

and if you are a bit Type B and feel like you can’t have anyone over because the couch is covered in laundry —

then find a happy medium.

The best way to do this is to create a plan.

Type B-ish people sometimes don’t want to create a plan because they don’t want to be “overly controlled” —

and Type A-is people sometimes over plan —

and if things don’t go according to it, they feel frustrated and upset.

This is a mindset thing.

In my How to Live Slowly: Peaceful Tranquility in a Frenzied World book, I talk about keeping the P.A.C.E — which is an acronym (I LOVE acronyms!!)

Acceptance of

because the thing is — that really the only constant in life is change.

and to feel like you can “go with the flow” in a calm, cool, and collected way —-

you DO need to have a structure or framework in place. but it needs to be somewhat flexible, so you can pivot and “recalculate” when you need to.

So yes.

Figure out a meal plan.

Have a housekeeping schedule. decide on your daily To Do list.

but plan in quiet time, thinking time, and frivolity.

if we are lucky, life is long.


don’t feel like you need to frantically keep up in any way —

You Do You.

Meet yourself exactly where you are.

And then tweak and modify as needed to get you to where you want to go.

I am finishing up with my summertime one-on-one coaching clients and have spots for 3 people to receive coaching for the end of the calendar year.

If you’d like to hop on a call with me and see if one-on-one coaching is the next best step for you — you can book a call with me, here:

have a lovely day, and consider yourself loved and hugged.

I think you’re wonderful.

xoxo steph


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