Creating a (non-cheesy) Vision Board

How To Create a (non-cheesy) Vision Board

Happy New Year!

The beginning of the year is made for day dreamers. What will you DO with yourself this year? Will this be the year you finally get organized? Lose weight? Start exercising daily?

Will this be the year that you move to your dream house? Land the dream job? Find a husband? Get a guinea pig (or two) to love lots and lots for two weeks and then forget all about it (them) and leave mom to clean the cage?

It’s up to you.

No really. It is.

How to Create a Vision Board

The kids and I made vision boards over the weekend while Adam played with his new iPad. He says he doesn’t need to make a vision board because he already has all he needs/wants in life. I could read this two ways: he’s either fulfilled with me and the girls, or he’s fulfilled with the iPad.

hmm.How to Make a Vision Board

I first heard of making Vision Boards because of the book and video, The Secret. Before watching the video, I was already  big goal setter, but liked the visual aspect of putting a vision board “out there.”

To the Universe.

did I lose you?

I know. It sounds terribly hokey, and I think believing that The Universe is going to respond with sunshine and roses just for “putting it out there” is far-fetched and naive,  but I do it anyway.

Why You Should Make a Vision Board

Here’s why:

1) Writing your goals down forces you to focus on what you really want. You want more money? Great. How are you going to get (attract) this money? Maybe the sign advertising for extra nighttime help at Kohls is a sign (HA! a sign sign. didn’t even plan that one…) from The Universe.

or maybe it’s a coincidence. IT DOESN’T MATTER. What matters is what you DO with this sign (sign!).

2 ) Some people are naturally more visually oriented than others. Flipping through magazine pages is relaxing, and when you’re relaxed and your guard is down, your mind can wander to images that jump out at you. Fancy platform heels and a skintight dress? Maybe this means that deep down you want to either step up your look this  year, or lose weight. Or both.

it’s okay.

Dream Big.

3) It’s fun. Art time is fun time. Let yourself have fun—there’s no need for perfection, and there certainly is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. You can hang a bulletin board over your desk, put words of wisdom on the bathroom mirror, cover your refrigerator with inspirational photos—it’s your choice.

My Vision Board is on the back of my bathroom door. We don’t have a home office, and  I don’t want to explain what this or that means to visitors/family, so I keep it to myself. This is up to you. My friend Kim has a party with some of her close friends and they make their boards together—do whatever is right for you.

But remember: don’t put the stuff up that you think other people want you to. This is for you, and you only. It’s okay to feel greedy, narcissistic, and ridiculous.

you’re in good company.

Also, a reader emailed. She took a digital picture of her vision board and then uses it as the wallpaper on her phone and computer, so she’s constantly reminded of the things she’s working on/trying to attract. Fantastic!

Start with 30 Day Challenges

One way to really jump start your Vision-ing is to break down your great big honking hairy scary goal into 30 Day mini-challenges.

I really appreciate focusing on one aspect of my overall Vision with these mini goals and intentions.

lots and lots of love — you’ve got this!!


Figure out where you ARE right now. If you need some journaling pages to get you started, here is a download.


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  1. Great post! I think vision boards are awesome, Steph. The first time I made one, I was very timid and put only one thing on it, the logo of a women’s forum I wanted to speak at. Sure enough I was invited to speak and have been doing two workshops every year since. 🙂 The concept works, and it’s actually fun to do like you said!


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of a vision board before but it sounds like a great idea. I’ll make one for myself this week.

  3. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been thinking about creating a vision board ever since I found out that Diane made one, and your online source makes it SO easy! I’m having a ball and can’t wait to get back to it. It’s so much fun that I don’t even want to finish it!!! But finish it I will, as it will be very helpful in helping me reach my goals. What it’s done, just in a short time, is help me realize my goals! SO, thank you very much!

    best, Ellen

  4. I really don’t have space for a board but I want to start a journal, something a little smaller, suggestions?

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