New You: how to completely transform your life (if you want to)

I’m a sucker for New Year’s Resolutions. I’m also a proponent of Birthday Resolutions, New School Year Resolutions, and each month I come up with a new theme for myself and mini-challenge.

I really (really!) like goal setting and achieving, and I actually have a pretty darn good track record.


I’m kind of lazy, and a natural introvert.

If I was given a choice between going out to a concert or staying in and becoming one with the couch cushions while watching Netflix — I will ALWAYS pick the couch.

But I make things happen, each and every day (week, month, year) and am able to guide and mentor my coaching clients so they, too, can make their goals and visions happen so they can live out the life of their dreams.

I do this by conducting an Honest Assessment Review —

if you would like instant access to the PDF worksheets that I use in my coaching practice and within my Simple Shortcuts to Peace course so YOU can take this internal audit, you can do so by entering your email, HERE —

I will ensure that the newly updated pages get sent to you right away.

You are destined to live out the life of your dreams — it’s not too late, and you don’t ever need to feel as if “this is as good as it gets” or that you have to settle.

Live Slowly
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