Do You Feel Behind? Read This.

You are Not Behind.



Happy Friday EVE, pretty people!!


Today, I am home.


I didn’t plan on being home today, but my youngest (age 12) woke up with a pretty high fever.


We don’t goof around with fevers in our house after having experienced a febrile seizure with her sister.


SO — I am home, monitoring, and administering medication around the clock.


If you’ve been with me for a while, and if you are a regular listener to the Slow Living podcast, you’ll know that —


I went back to work in the fall of 2018 after being home for over 12 years. It was time — and I’m really good at my job (I’m a school site secretary at a local elementary school)


but I love having the summers off.


and even though I’ve got a sick kid right now, I like having random days off here and there too.

ESPECIALLY since I still get PAID!!



I like doing my own thing, gardening when I feel like it, taking Sheldon for walks whenever it feels good, napping in the afternoons, folding laundry at a snail’s pace while I watch sappy Hallmark movies….


all of that. It’s completely hedonistic. And I love it.


(there’s always a but, isn’t there?)


because I’m human, I feel guilty about all of this lollygagging time.

Shouldn’t I be utilizing my time better?


Shouldn’t I be writing more, producing more, creating more, decluttering more, weeding more, reaching out to longlost relatives more?

and the answer is NO. I am exactly where I need to be. And so are you.


My favorite part about writing and speaking and coaching and teaching about All Things Slow Living is that I get to talk to myself.

(and noone thinks I’m weird or wants to institutionalize me…. )


But I needed this break. And you probably needed whatever break you took — or need the break you’re currently on— even if a piece of your brain was/is beating you up about it.

If we are lucky, life is long.

 I truly want you to enjoy and cherish and soak in every bitty bit of it.

Each month, I work with only a select few people who really are ready to make a massive difference in their lives. 

If you think you’d like to learn more about how I coach and how I can help you move forward with your goals and your life planning, you can read all about it, here:

and if you’d like to work one-on-one together — email me. We can work around eachother’s schedules and figure it all out. Together. You are NOT ALONE.

In this past month or so, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of talking with 3 different women, from 3 different decades of life: 30s, 40s, and 50s.

and they ALL had this same limiting belief:
“I’m not doing enough”

 but you are.

Sure, there are tweaks and some fine-tuning — but if you are feeling run down and worn out and “at your wit’s end” — then you DO NOT need to add another plate to your stack.

The best thing you can do is
Slow Down.
Take a Deep Breath.
and probably? the best thing you can do is to take things away —
if you need help, reach out. This is what I do, and I’m good at it.
I absolutely adore every single phonecall I have with my one-on-one coaching clients — and each person has full and unlimited access to my Simple Shortcuts to Peace course —
You are not behind.
and you deserve to live a life that you absolutely LOVE and one that inspires you to jump out of bed every morning (even with wonkified hormones!)
“working with Steph was hands-down the best decision I made this past year.”

“Steph makes me feel like I really can have big dreams and goals and never made me feel silly or stupid. Instead, she helped me map out a plan to get there”

“I needed a push towards ‘being the mom’ — creating structure and a timeline was exactly what I needed.”
I think you are amazing and wonderful. Consider yourself loved and hugged.
xoxo steph
not sure what the next best step for you to take is? book a 30 minute consult call, here:

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