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Hi  there wonderful person, and Happy Friday Eve!

Let’s Talk Decisions.


Decisioning can be exhausting.

Parenting can be exhausting.

Adulting can be exhausting.

but it doesn’t have to be.


the sheer amount of decisioning you make on a daily basis, on an hourly basis

is overwhelming.

 This past podcast episode that was released (episode #34, entitled: Mom, You’re Amazing!) I recorded with my friend Sandy Cooper.

During our conversation, Sandy mentioned that adults make roughly 35,000 decisions a day.

 This seemed quite a large number, so I fact-checked her.


 Sandy is correct.


And when you are a parent?

 There’s even more decisioning to make —

because for many of us, we are making all of the decisions for our children, our pets, some of our co-workers, and if we aren’t careful —

 our spouses.

 (PS: if you are married to another adult human and are making all of their decisions, you need to revisit this and relieve some of this burden. Adults need to Adult Up.

😉   )

 So what can you do to shift this and make decisioning easier?


Stop Reinventing The Wheel Every Day.

 seriously. stop it.

 — Make a Meal Plan and stick to it.

 —  Decide to Clean Less and Play More


There are 5 things you have got to have in place in order to have a calm, peaceful, & tranquil life:

 Time Management






You will never feel calm and at peace and “in control” if one of these pieces is out of whack.

 In the Simple Shortcuts to Peace online course I have laid out ALL OF YOUR DECISIONING.

 all you need to do is watch the videos, fill out the worksheets, and do the things that you’re supposed to do.

 check off the boxes.

 stop reinventing the wheel.

 it’s already all decided for you.


When you are ready to stop decisioning and start DECIDING —

 you can instantly access all of the material, here:


happy friday eve.

consider yourself loved and hugged.

 xoxo steph


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