Slow Living Podcast – Episode 1: My Slow Living Story

I’d love to share with you the new Slow Living podcast. The first episode is now available, and in it I share my Slow Living story —


In this recording I share how a panic attack while driving on the freeway towards Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was the catalyst I needed to really take stock and Slow Down.


I’ve been told by my podcast producer that the first few weeks of a new podcast being “released” is important to get in as many 5-star reviews and downloads and subscribes as possible.


Since you’ve been on my list for so long, if you send me a screenshot of your 5-star review, I will email you back any of my ebooks or mealplans, as a thank you.


You can leave a review, here, on Apple Podcasts.


My hope with this new show is that I can share lifestyle and parenting and adulting stories and tips in a very inclusive way —

and that you get an awful lot of value out of learning how to shift your day-to-day life towards one that is a bit calmer and more relaxed.

the Go Go Go hustle culture that many people are living right now isn’t sustainable.

it’s exhausting.


and I don’t want that for you.


You deserve to live a calm, peaceful, tranquil life — the kind of life you’ve always dreamt about.


I am so happy you are here.

lots of love to you — and have a wonderful day.

xoxo steph

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