Make A Punch List for your Home

You should keep a running punch list for each and every room in the house. This way when you have "extra" time on your hands you can tackle one of your projects!


Making a Punch List

So here is the thing. I grew up as an architect’s daughter. And then I married a Civil Engineer.

I’ve been to a lot of construction sites, and I even LIVED THROUGH one when my dad built our family home.

Punch Lists have always been a way of life for me.


BUT THEN I started “working” on the internet and it looks like the concept of creating a running punch list is kind of a foreign thing to a lot of people.

No problem!

It’s really not a big deal — a Punch List simply means the stuff left on your To Do List before the job is considered “Finished.”

And our homes?

They are constantly ebbing and flowing and in constant I-Need-Attention mode. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own or if you live in a Tiny House or a farm house, or a high rise apartment, or a nice suburban family home.

No matter. You still need a punch list!


So Let’s Get To Work!

First things first:

Get out a spiral notebook or put a few sheets of lined paper onto a clipboard.

Then walk through every room in the house.

Jot down everything that needs to be done to get your house in good repair. Do the baseboards need to be painted? Pictures hung? Light bulbs changed? Drywall patched? [Ignore the dust bunnies for now. We’ll get to them in due time. 🙂  ]

Also jot down notes as to any upgrades you may want to do. Are you thinking that you want/need a new chair for the living room? A better or different light fixture in the front entry?

Write those down too.

The Next Step

The next step is to separate your list into separate rooms. Put all the garden things together, the kid stuff together, etc. I like to make a sheet of paper per room —

(the reason we didn’t start with separate sheets to begin with is because sometimes if you see a light fixture in one room that needs fixing, etc., you start writing down things in a ping-pong fashion — and that’s okay! ;-0 )

Now that all your items are separated by rooms, separate them again by what you can truly and physically do yourself.

If you can hang a photo on the wall in the hallway, then do it.

If you can touch up the paint, then schedule a time to do it.

Do as much as you can all by yourself before calling in help from a handy man or your husband.

Keep an Ongoing List

Keep your Punch List up to date and organized the best you can. If Lawn Furniture was on sale and you bought it, cross it off your list.


good work! you did it!


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  1. Hello, i’m interested I the punch list due to the unfinished addition I had done with a contractor. What a nightmare. It has taken 12 months and the new roof is making icicles and dripping while the heat is going away. Any info, forms, tips, tricks are more than welcome. Thx.

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