More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow

200 Brand New Budget Friendly Recipes

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Publication Date: December 1, 2010 • ISBN: 1401310389 • ISBN-13: 9781401396480

I like my slow cookers A LOT, but I also like saving money. While my first cookbook showcases the versatility of the slow cooker (tamales! falafel! jalapeno poppers!) this next book is all about meal planning and sticking to a budget. While it’s pretty darn cool that you can make Peking Duck and Lobster Bisque in the slow cooker, that’s not very practical for most busy people/families. This book has 3 sections in it: $7 recipes, $10 recipes, and $15 recipes. Within each section there are categories for beverages, appetizers, breakfast, sidedishes, beans, soups/stews, poultry, seafood, red meat, and dessert. I’ve also included a chapter called Staples which includes tutorials on making broth, stock, babyfood, and yogurt. It IS possible to eat good food that’s both easy to make and easy on the wallet.

Like my first Make it Fast cookbook, all recipes are completely gluten free. If you aren’t gluten free, simply ignore my notes.

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What People are Saying

  • I love that there are three separate sections of the book that go by Price per Meal. Then, each section is divided into chapters for each of six courses within that price range. I also Love that the recipes in the book don’t use “cream of ” soups as a main ingredient. Stephanie really did her homework for her gluten sensitive family, but she also lets you know, it’s okay to use “regular” options. Another nice thing, is that it tells you what size crockpot was used in the recipe. Yes, there are different sizes. Doesn’t everyone have more than one? I have used my crockpots for over thirty years and I am always looking for new recipes. I have only had this book for a week or so, and we have already had and share several of the recipes and have been very happy with the outcome.

  • I LOVE my slow cooker, I am a high school teacher & it takes great emotional & physical energy. When I get home and am faced by my hungry family I can just relax and enjoy them because thanks to Stephanie dinner is done! In the crock pot wafting the smells of mouth watering goodness to welcome us all home. We eat dinner as a family almost every night, however when I have something like meet the teacher night, my family can start without me and I know they won’t have ice cream and chips (yes in that order) for dinner since it is “already cooked” and that is their favorite meal.

  • The recipes are easy enough for cooking novices but they make tasty and interesting food. I am a decent cook in my own right but it is simple to tweak Stephanie’s recipes to personal tastes with no issue (she often gives suggestions as well) and when I am suffering from a creativity block I know I can trust to follow the recipe verbatim with good results.

    I love that most of the ingredients aren’t highly processed foods (condensed soup for instance). I originally didn’t like the “verdict” sections of each recipe but now that I have used a few I am really glad they are included. They give slightly more intimate details about each dish that the ingredients and instructions leave out.

    I have already recommended this book to several friends and purchased one as a gift.

  • Great slow cooker cookbook. I have already made several recipes from it, some multiple times. The book has recipes for every meal and snack throughout the day and is divided into sections by cost: $7 and under, $10 and under and $15 and under. Most recipes are lower fat than I have found in other slow cooker cookbooks.

    The author also shares her family’s reactions to each dish, noting her young children’s reactions as well as her husband’s.