Additional information

Included meals in this kit:

  • African peanut soup
  • lentil and kale super food
  • portabella mushroom sandwiches
  • sweet and sour tofu
  • ratatouille


What People are Saying

“I am using this plan this week (Slow Cooker Staples) and I have to say it has been so wonderful having the thinking, always the hard part, done for me. Went shopping with the list. Assembling the recipes has been easy. Did the lasagna prep the night before and dropped it into my slow cooker. Came home from a 6 mile run to a finished meal. Sweet. Thank you for your menu plans. They make my life much easier.”

“This was the best idea ever. I totally abdicated my weekly meal planning over to you. It was fun and I loved trying a few things I wouldn’t have thought to try before.”

“Thank you so much for this. I love having a plan with the grocery list already done.”

“I love being able to not think about anything when I grocery shop and just have it all laid out for me. Thank you for taking the time to get this all together! I love your books, but this makes it even easier.”