Slow Cooker: Take out Fake Out

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Make your restaurant and take out favorites at home without the extra calories, grease, guilt, or gluten!

When I began my everyday slow cooking challenge in 2008, I really didn’t think I’d come up with recipes or new uses for the slow cooker. I just figured I’d post what I made in the pot and people would click over to see if I really did it or not. Once readers started commenting and emailing me ideas, I got really into the whole challenge and decided that I should not only use the crockpot everyday, the stuff I posted should be brand-new every day.

and that’s when I had a mini panic attack.

You see, I like take-out. A lot. Those late-night Jack in the Box commercials? They were pretty much written for me in mind. I get sucked in, and I want what’s being marketed RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE, even if I’m full and have already flossed.

and don’t get me started on infomercials…

the good news is that I now have an arsenal of Take Out Fake Out recipes and when I’m hankering for fast food or takeout, I can whip something up myself and cook it all by myself in my very own slow cooker.

and so can you!


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