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Housekeeping for Normal People

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Publication Date: July 22, 2020 • ISBN: 979-8668818662

I like things clean.

But I don’t really like cleaning.

I notice our family runs more smoothly when there is order and stability in our home. The kids are better behaved when their living space is organized and they know where their things belong.

I love being able to spontaneously invite friends over without fear of dirty dishes crowding the kitchen sink, wet towels on the bathroom floor, or messy unmade beds.

I like being able to shrug when the kids lick crumbs off of the floor (will the playing-cat-game ever get old?)

I like that we can plan outings on the weekend rather than spend valuable free time cleaning up after a way-too-busy week.

But I still don’t like cleaning.

Inside this book I share the easiest way to conquer your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores so you never miss out on the things you want to do with your life.

Get the “have-tos” over with quickly and efficiently, so you can move on to the “want-tos!”


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What People are Saying

  • I love your sense of humor! Totally like mine! Thanks for this SIMPLE list that I need to print and remind myself to do everyday….now what to do with that scary paper trail that grows and grows and grows and becomes lots of paper mountains! EEK!

  • Hi Stephanie, I just found you and as a mother for 4 children ages 9,6,5,and 4, everything I have read so far has been very helpful… I have been trying to find chores for my children to do on a daily basis for awhile now and I have to say that yours is the best… Thank you very much for sharing all your ideas with me and my family

  • I think I need to take out a billboard (or full-page ad in the newspaper) that says this: “the secret to parenting is to remember that your goal is to raise capable adults. Chores are not only okay, they are necessary.” I swear, too few people I know seem to understand this AT ALL. The last thing I want to be doing in my golden years is taking care of grown children who are incapable of taking care of themselves. But I know people who will be….

  • Ohhhh, I love it. My New Year’s resolution that I am desperate to maintain (yah- it’s March, but I’m trying!!) is to get order into my crazy house. These are reasonable, achievable and maintainable for anyone to do! I am loving this!