365 Slow Cooker Suppers

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Publication Date: September 1, 2013 • ISBN: 1118230817

This book features 365 brand-new dinner recipes (only 10% are from the site, the rest have been kept top-secret!) – all made in the world’s best kitchen appliance: the slow cooker! This is my first cookbook to have color photos, and I am thrilled with the way they came out, thanks to photographer Tara Donne. Like my other cookbooks, the recipes are completely gluten-free, and even the photographed food is gluten-free! (If you aren’t gluten free, simply ignore my notes…) You’re going to love this cookbook!!

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What People are Saying

  • I have searched and searched for a slow cooker cookbook which didn’t call for a ton of prep beforehand, didn’t require cooking some of the ingredients on the stove before the slow cooker (which defeats the purpose of the convenience of said slow cooker), didn’t tell the author’s entire life story of growing up on Grandma’s farm, and didn’t call for 25 ingredients in the recipes (many of which I would never use again). I finally found that book! The recipes are varied and easy, the author recommends the size of the slow cooker to use for each, she gives a serving size for each meal, and there are very few recipes which require pre-cooking. I have one carnivore and one vegetarian to cook for, and there a plenty of recipes for each. I love this book!!

  • These recipes are simple, with real ingredients that make delicious meals. I am the main cook for my family, and I am a vegetarian, while my family is not. There are so many recipes in this book that we all love. Stephanie O’dea gives a nice summary of several recipes in the margin, including how well her family liked it. She even has a few recipes for spice blends if the reader would prefer them to store bought mixes. She has recommendations on making recipes gluten free. There is plenty of room to write notes on the pages, and there are lots of photos too. This cookbook is so easy to read and follow that I use it very often. I have repeated many recipes and have tried over half of them.

  • I love how the recipes in this book use good ingredients. I can’t stand crock pot recipes that rely on canned creamed soups. This book has so many recipes that I literally want to try all but a few. The recipes I’ve already made have been excellent. The biggest pleasant surprise was the whole chicken in the crock pot. It was delicious.

  • Finally a book that’s just not filled with stew recipes! I have made about twenty recipes so far since purchasing this book (2 months span) and each one of them has been a hit with our whole family. The ingredients are simple, there is hardly ever any prep before filling up the crockpot, and the recipes don’t have that “crockpot” taste. I recommend this book to those who want simple recipes when pressed for time.