episode 135: Interview with Amy, the Suburban Sexologist

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We are heating things up today on the Slow Living Podcast. I am talking with Amy Rowan, The Suburban Sexologist!

“Why did you want to talk about sex?” This is a question that Amy hears all the time. People are always wondering what led her down this path. But Amy feels that she was born into it as her father was an OBGYN and mother a therapist.


Amy works with women and couples to help them have a healthy, long term relationship with sex. She wants everyone to be able to build trust and communication to have a thriving sex life with their partner.

We are talking about:

  • Can you re-create the desire you had for your partner from when you first started dating?
  • How to make scheduling sex fun
  • How to make things exciting again in your relationship

Amy has devoted her life to creating a safe and welcoming space for people to come and learn.

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Connect with Amy:

Instagram  @amyrowanintamacycoach 

Coaching Website https://www.suburbanintimacy.com/


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