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I am thrilled to share an interview with my new friend, Diane Moca, today on the Slow Living podcast. Diane is a self-described serial entrepreneur and she is sharing her story of discovering her “Second Act” with us all today.




Diane Moca started her career in journalism. She loved all of the opportunities that it brought her. Then she had her first child and things changed. Now, Diane wanted to be a present mom while also having her career. So she decided to go back to work as a journalist on a part time basis.


During this time she realized the lack of affordable and reliable child care for women who are in the workforce, and Diane wanted to make a difference.


Diane shares with the Slow Living audience that this is her “second act” because while she was a journalist and able to be home with her children, she felt that she wanted to leave a legacy for the next generation.


That’s when she got an idea to help the women out who weren’t as lucky as she was to have such a robust support system.

 So Diane started MomSub!


Diane’s goal at MomSub is to provide moms with help with finding child care by reducing the stress, guilt, and self criticism that goes into finding a reliable source.


We are talking about:

  • How Diane created MomSub
  • The process of finding child care on MomSub
  • How companies are starting to offer child care benefits

Currently, MomSub is only offered in the Chicago area but they ready to expand. If you are located in another city, send them a message at info@momsub.com and let them know where they should expand to next!


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How to connect with Diane:


Instagram @momsubapp

Linkedin — Diane Moca




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