you are not a spreadsheet. Friday Eve message from Steph

March 21, 2024

Happy Friday Eve, Slow Down Society!!

Today I want you to make a plan of attack for when you are in a bad mood.

No, really.

This is what I’d like for you to do. And when you do so, write me back and let me know you did it.


you are not a spreadsheet.

a normal life has ups and downs and inbetweens.

there is nothing wrong with you.

Take a Deep Breath. Pause.


Now Slow Down and pay attention to your thoughts and your feelings —

before taking action, take the time to process them.


I’d prefer you to write them down by hand in a journal, but if you are pressed for time, go outside or lock yourself into a bathroom.

Write down your major feelings. It’s okay to have them. Feelings are not facts.

Breathe some more. Feel all of the feels — that is okay.

but calm yourself down before taking whatever action you feel like taking (rage, outburst, angry email, etc etc)

Feel the feels. Act on the Facts.

and then move on. You are above it all.

When you are in a GOOD MOOD:
take some time to make a plan for when you are not “feeling it” —
You WILL have days when you are not motivated and days you feel like a slug.
That is OKAY. That is normal.
there is nothing wrong with you.
But when you are in a GOOD MOOD — plan for it.
I like to write myself a letter, and then pull it out to read if I’m having a hard time.
real life has ups and downs and all arounds — that is how you play the game.

I think you are amazing.
and wonderful.
and lovely.
and you’re having a super awesome hair and butt day.


as always, I am here for you. Write me back if you’ve done this assignment or if you have any thoughts, or if this resonated with you.
please take care,
Want a bit more inspiration in your earbuds?

I was interviewed a few weeks ago on each one and I LOVED the conversations we had —
We didn’t stick to a script and each host asked things I’ve never been asked before and we were able to go down some pretty awesome and fun-filled rabbit holes!

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