Meet the Frugalwoods — episode 128 of the Slow Living Podcast

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 Hi there Slow Down Society!Today let’s continue talking about money.

Last week I shared a bit about my own Financial Literacy journey and shared the resources that I used to become a bit more savvy with my finances and how my husband and I dug out of consumer debt —

Today I want to share a fabulous interview conducted with Liz, the founder of the Frugalwoods website.


Are you financially independent and living the life you have dreamt for yourself?

If you did not shout YES then you need to listen to this episode. Liz Willard Thames is sharing with us how she helps others live frugally.

Liz is an author and the founder of Frugalwoods – this website began as a personal diary about the financial independence journey that Liz and her husband went on early in their marriage. As her audience grew, she started using it as a community to help others!

Liz practices value-based spending. She teaches others to invest in what truly matters to you and let go of everything else.

Liz’s passion is to educate others to live financially independent, and we had such a great back-and-forth conversation about creating and meeting your financial goals so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

Liz offers a free month long course to get started with managing your money. Begin her FREE Uber Frugal Month Challenge today!

Looking for your next good read? Check out Liz’s book and begin your journey to frugal living!
Meet the Frugalwoods Book

If you would like to hear more about Financial Planning and Literacy, be sure to listen to episode 127 of the Slow Living Podcast where I have outlined it all.

As always, lots and lots of love to you.

I think you are wonderful.



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