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Hi there Slow Down Society, and happy last week of March.

We are heading into Easter weekend, and if you celebrate Easter, please allow me to share my best wishes for a lovely weekend.

The newest episode of the Slow Living podcast dropped yesterday and in it I have interviewed Lisa Steele, of the Fresh Eggs Daily empire.


Lisa and I met online and I immediately fell in love with her “tell it as it is” personality and how passionate she is about all things chicken.

In this episode we talk about how she got started writing online because of her love of chickens and how that turned into an entire line of books, cookbooks, merchandise, and a television show.


Many people wonder what it’s like to have backyard chickens, even in urban or suburban areas and Lisa gives fantastic advice on how to get started in this episode.

We also share our love of all things frugal and talk about the early days of blogging and how many (many!) people told Lisa that she was “doing it wrong.”

If you want more information on raising chickens, I urge you to check out Lisa’s blog:

and here are her books on Amazon.

Let me know your thoughts on this episode and have a happy Easter!
As always, lots and lots of love to you.

I think you are wonderful.




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