episode 111 of the Slow Living Podcast: Staying Optimistic this Holiday Season

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 Hi there Slow Down Society, and thank you for being here. Chances are, this is a very busy week for you.

I’d like to offer you a joyful listen while you are making all the things happen for all the people — pop in your earbuds and take a listen to the newest episode of the Slow Living podcast.

In this interview, Dr. Emily Bashah, of the Optimistic American podcast shares how to stay Peaceful & Present during the holidays — even in the midst of family drama, an uncertain economy, and parenting strife.

Dr. Bashah is a clinical psychologist and is the co-author of “Addictive Ideologies.”

Take a listen as she shares real-life examples from her own family, along with those of her clients on how to re-center yourself during tumultuous times.

Dr. Bashah is known for her work with domestic terrorists and we talk about how she uses that training to negotiate with her own 3-year-old daughter, at times.

This is real life. And in real life, the holiday season isn’t going to look like a Hallmark movie.

And that is okay.

Learn to embrace the chaos and unpredictability while still protecting your boundaries and deciding to put Fun First.

Dr. Bashah was gracious enough to provide some worksheets and downloadables —

you can access them, here:

Helping People Addicted to an Extreme Ideology

What Causes Violence and Extremism in Children, and What Parents Can Do to Help

Raising Children With Agency

Cognitive Blindspots

as always, consider yourself loved and hugged.

I think you are wonderful.

xxooxox steph

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