episode 110 of the Slow Living Podcast: Something from Nothing — Erin Chase’s story

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Hi there Slow Down Society, and Happy Podcast Day!
Today is a fun episode —
I sit down with Erin Chase, from the $5 Dinner Mom and My FreezEasy websites.
Erin and I have been friends for over 15 years, and in this episode she shares how she turned her simple idea into an online empire.
And she did it all (in the beginning) with absolutely no-money down.

The past few episodes have been talking about The American Dream —

and whether or not it’s dead or still alive and kicking.

Things have definitely changed — no one is going to argue that inflation isn’t happening or the economy hasn’t shifted.

Remember, step 5 of living a Slow Life is to tweak and fine-tune —

but I don’t want you to ever give up on your dreams.

Listen as Erin and I talk about the beginning of getting our websites off of the ground, working with our literary agent (she and I had the same one for a little bit) and how she, ALSO, emailed the Rachael Ray show and ended up on it.


Slow Living is all about doing the things you want to do in a slow, steady, and, sustainable way.


If you’ve got an idea in you, go for it.


You don’t need to max out credit cards or sell everything for a “clean slate” —


Go Slow.

Take the next best step in that direction.

It’s okay to dream.


as always, consider yourself loved and hugged.

I think you are wonderful.

xxooxox steph


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