episode 108 of the Slow Living Podcast: You are an Entrepreneur

Happy Halloween, Slow Down Society!!
I hope you sprinkle in a bunch of fun and whimsy today —
enjoy the sights. enjoy the people.
TASTE the things. SAVOR them — don’t just unwrap and shovel it in.
(LOL — maybe I’m talking to myself, here? ? )
This idea is really all about what the newest Slow Living podcast episode is all about —
You. Are. In. Charge.

No one will swoop in and save you —

you’ve gotta Adult Up — and one of the best ways to learn how to do this effectively is to shift your mindset from You as a PERSON to You as a BUSINESS.

Listen as I share how to do this in the easiest way possible —


Also, I share my favorite lentil salad recipe —

because, hey, why not?



Take a listen and LMK your thoughts —


how can you take these things and apply them to your own life and family?


as always, consider yourself loved and hugged.

I think you are wonderful.

xxooxox steph


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Together, we can all live our best, most meaningful lives! 




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