episode 105 of the Slow Living Podcast: Before & After Coaching — Beth’s Story

Hello there Slow Down Society!

I am absolutely thrilled to share an amazing conversation with you today.
Last week we talked about creating your “3 Year Plan” when it comes to changing your life.
Beth has done just that.
I am so proud of her.
Three years ago — during the depths of the pandemic — Beth reached out to me for some coaching.
We only worked with each other for 4 weeks — but Beth took the work SERIOUSLY and completely changed the trajectory of her life in all areas of the Peace Pyramid.
Listen as she explains, in her own words, the work she did and how she did it.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be coached of have someone on your side who is 100% cheering for you —

take a listen.

We really are real people and in this recording Beth shares what it was like to work with me and how she took the assignments seriously and did the work.

It was sometimes not fun — and we talk about stirring up “gunk” in order to move forward —

but I’m certain that by listening to the sparkle in her voice you will be motivated to start stirring up some of your own “gunk.”

Beth — I think you are absolutely wonderful and I’m beyond excited and thrilled to witness from afar what you do in the next 3 years!!

lots of love, pretty people —

enjoy your day.

xoxo steph

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  1. This one really hit home for me in so many areas. I too was divorced for twelve years. I need to go back and listen to it again and get the names of the books to read.

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