episode 85 of the Slow Living Podcast: thoughts on Mommy Blogging

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May 23, 2023
Hello, hello beautiful people in the Slow Down Society —
thank you for being here.
Today’s podcast episode wasn’t planned.
I didn’t think I was going to record the morning that I did — but felt compelled to do so.
I got up early in the morning to do my thing, but read a headline that a blogger I once knew and followed a million years ago (15 years ago, but who’s counting…)
had died.
and it shook me.
So I began recording.
Listen in as I share my thoughts, process my feelings in real-time, and share my key take-aways on the way writing online has shifted and morphed throughout the years and why it’s still something that I do, and am proud of.
??  ??  ??
I’ve included a trigger warning in this episode.
Heather Armstrong, the blogger I’m discussing, took her own life.
I do not go into detail, but if you can already tell that this isn’t something you want to know anything about —
don’t listen.
Within this episode I write about how I got started blogging, how deciding on purpose to start a website and stick to it (with my rudimentary business plan!) changed the trajectory of my life forever and how proud I am of the boundaries I put in place from the very beginning.
I read an excerpt from The Mommy Blogger Next Door: AKA How I Became the CrockPot Lady and also share a few other episodes that may be of interest.
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as always, I think you are wonderful.

Please take care of yourself and consider yourself loved and hugged.



xoxxo steph


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