episode 84 of the Slow Living Podcast: Mindset Action Consistency

May 16, 2023
Hi there pretty people, and thank you for being part of the Slow Down Society —
I’ve got an exercise for you to do today while you listen to the current podcast episode.
In the newest Slow Living podcast episode I share how I just popped off the phone with a former coaching client before recording.
She seemed floundery.
And I wanted to remind her how AWESOME she is and how she had SO MANY TOOLS in her arsenal — she just needed to go back, pick one, and start back up again.

goal setting and achieving exercise using mindset action consistency strategy

While we were on the phone, I asked her to take out a piece of paper, fold it into thirds, and write at the top of each column:
As I explained to her — and then again in the podcast episode for all of you —
You can’t “action” your way out of a mindset or a consistency problem.
But many (many!!!!) times we want to. It’s easier to find a new SOMETHING then it is to stay consistent with the current path because our brains want something shiny and glittery.
Listen in as I share really good solid tips & trick you can do TODAY to start sticking to your master plan on an ongoing basis.
the only way to meet your personal & professional goals is to keep working, each and every day, one teeny tiny baby step at a time.
slow sloth making forward progress

as always, I think you are wonderful.

Please take care of yourself and consider yourself loved and hugged.

xoxxo steph

The complete directions of how to do the Mindset, Action, Consistency exercise is in the podcast episode — episode 84.

Other tools I mentioned were:

Daily Journaling Page

30 Days to a New You

Clean Less, Play More

2 4 6 EAT

Mindset Strategy call


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