episode 81 of the Slow Living podcast: Remember the WoMom

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April 25, 2023
Hi there Slow Down Society and thank you for being here.
I hope wherever you are you know that you are loved and are wonderful and that you are amazing beyond belief.
Today’s podcast episode is about the “WoMom” —
which is the woman behind the mom.
WHO ARE YOU deep down inside?
What makes you tick, what lights you up, and what keeps you excited and motivated?
do you know?
the woman behind the mom is the womom
If you don’t remember, you are not alone.
Becoming the parent to a teeny tiny baby human is all-encompassing and completely changes who you are.
But it’s not your whole entire entity.
You still need to do things that are JUST FOR YOU.
because if you don’t, you will crack.
it’s inevitable.
So for today — do something for yourself, and yourself only.
Take a listen to the newest episode of the Slow Living podcast — I recorded it just for you.

as always, I think you are wonderful.

Please take care of yourself and consider yourself loved and hugged.



xoxxo steph





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