episode 80 of the Slow Living podcast: Stop Reinventing the Wheel

April 18, 2023
Hello there, pretty people, and thank you for spending a bit of time opening and reading through this email today —
I’m so happy you are here.
Let’s talk about making things more complicated than they need to be.
Do you do that?
Probably. Most of us do.
Today, I’m urging you to take a listen to the newest episode of the Slow Living podcast —
because life doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it out to be.
stop reinventing the wheel podcast episode with stephanie o'dea
Maybe you over-complicate things because you want to be better than your coworker.
or more sophisticated than your neighbor.
or maybe your personal situation and health issue is keeping you stuck and you are certain no one has ever moved through this obstacle before.
Listen in as I share how to look for people who have been there, done that —
whatever it is that you are seeking —
it’s been done.
Learn from example.
YES, you will need to tweak & modify as you see fit (step 5 of the Slow Living process) — but you absolutely DO NOT need to constantly reinvent the wheel.

as always, I think you are wonderful.

Please take care of yourself and consider yourself loved and hugged.



xoxxo steph





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