episode 79 of the Slow Living Podcast: Meredith’s Story of Imperfect Parenting

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April 11, 2023
Hello there Slow Down Society, and thank you for being here!
Today’s podcast episode wraps up our multiple-part series of interviews with REAL PEOPLE sharing their own Slow Down stories.
Meredith is an author and blogger and writes the Perfection Pending website.
meredith shares her mother load book and imperfect parenting advice with slow living podcast
In this episode we each talk about our thoughts on “toxic positivity” and parenting in a way that feels real, authentic, and in a way that helps create self-sufficient future adults.
We also talk about “reaching for a better feeling thought” and again the Kimochi chart for feelings was plugged.
If you have an issue with yelling or anxious lash-outs I think you’ll really enjoy our chat. 🙂
Meredith has a new book out called The Mother Load: Surviving the Daily Grind Without Losing Your Ever-Loving Mind.
You can purchase it from Amazon, here.

as always, I think you are wonderful.

Please take care of yourself and consider yourself loved and hugged.



xoxxo steph





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