episode 73 of the Slow Living podcast: Christy’s Slow Living Story

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February 28, 2023
Happy last day of February, Slow Down Society!
I hope you are doing well and are staying warm and dry and cozy wherever you are.
Today is a great day to bunker down and listen to a Slow Living podcast episode.
This is a wonderful interview with my friend Christy Thomas from the Keep Calm and Mother On podcast.
Christy Thomas and Stephanie O'Dea on the Slow Living podcast
Christy is a renowned podcaster, mom, and all-around amazing human, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have her joining us today on the Slow Living podcast.
Christy is a big fan of meditation and breath work and uses it daily to help center herself and her children.
She shares practical advice for getting started with meditation — even if you’ve never done it before or think it’s not something that would benefit you.
Listen in as she shares her own Slow Living story and how she incorporates slowing down throughout her day — even though she absolutely is a productive person who accomplishes an awful lot!
quote about slowing down and living in the present moment

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I think you are wonderful.

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