The Messy Middle episode 67 of the Slow Living Podcast

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January 17, 2023

Hi there Slow Down Society, and happy Tuesday!!!

Did you have a 3-day weekend? Does today feel like Monday and you didn’t really want to get out of bed?

That’s okay. I get it.

and today we are going to talk about pushing through — even when you don’t really feel like it and when it doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is working.
It’s January 17th — the middle of January.
Statistics show that MOST PEOPLE have already shelved their New Year’s Resolution and have decided that “it’s not going to happen.”
Is this you?
Then you are really going to want to take a listen to this week’s podcast episode.
In it I share what I did during my 6-week sabbatical and how even though it didn’t look like I was making forward progress in any way, I really was.
Learn how to pay attention to the signs that growth is happening under the surface and learn to trust yourself that you are In Charge and that you can make a huge dent in your goals even if you aren’t “feeling it.”
In this episode I also share HOW MUCH TV I watched over these past six weeks (spoiler alert: it was A LOT) and the importance of not beating yourself up if you can’t quantify all that you are doing or track forward progress.
It’s okay. You only give up when you stop trying all together.
Take a listen in your favorite podcast app, or online.
The massive January sale is still on in the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course. Our next group call is scheduled for February 4th, and you are not behind in any way.
If you were hemming and hawing about joining, please know that the pricing will never be this low again.
I love helping people design and live out the life they’ve always dreamt about, and I don’t want you to miss out.

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