episode 64 of the Slow Living Podcast: Making New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

Hi there Slow Down Society, and happy Tuesday.
wait, it ~is~ Tuesday, right?
I’ve got my days and nights and weeks and dates all messed up — just like a newborn.
It’s time.
this is what I call “dead week” — and it’s absolutely the correct time to get going on Dreaming Big and figuring out what this New Year is going to be all about for you.
No one else.
not the super fit Peloton People in the commercials, not the obnoxious “put down the pie and pick up the phone” gimmicks, but YOU.
and only you.
Now is the absolute perfect time to pop the ear buds in and binge-listen to the Slow Living podcast.
Dust while you listen.
or mop
or vacuum
or clean out the linen closet
or go walk laps in your neighborhood.
You’ll feel better about yourself if you stay productive while listening and there are now 64 episodes, which is about 32 hours worth of listening.
If you aren’t a fan of New Year’s Resolutions because you think they don’t “work” — then I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
I am a HUGE proponent of making & keeping my resolutions and am living out the life of my dreams because I’ve taken the time to craft and create and tweak and modify them throughout the last 20-odd years of my adult life.
You can do this too.
It’s time. If you’ve been waiting for a nudge from the Universe —
this is it.
You have GOT THIS.
You really really do. Nothing is too far-fetched for the person who refuses to listen to reason.
Like always, I think you are wonderful and amazing and I’m proud of you.
Consider yourself loved and hugged.
xoxoxox steph
Many of you have taken me up on my offer for the Massive December discount on the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course and have begun going through the material.
YAY! I’m so happy that you have joined us!!!
If you’ve been on the fence for a while due to the pricing, I hear you. Now is the time to enroll, because I’ll be inching the price back up to “normal” as the months go on.
You have access to the course and the materials forever — so don’t feel as if you have to quickly absorb anything you aren’t ready for.
For reals.
I know that this course has the capability to DRASTICALLY shift your life in a positive way.
I want the next four years to be AMAZING for you.
check out all the details, here.

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