episode 63 of the Slow Living Podcast: Get What You Want When You Want It

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Hello  to the most amazingly wonderful people in the history of the internet!!
I am absolutely thrilled that you are here.
We have an encore episode queued up for you today.
I originally entitled it “How to get What You Want, When you Want it”
and today, I want you to listen with fresh ears — and think of Getting What You Want out of life as if you are placing an online order.
Place your order.
and then go about your life, doing the things you need to do, and trust that your order is on the way.
 Today’s episode is an encore episode —
but it’s just as timely and relevant as it was a year ago.
If you watch the news (stop doing that, or at least take a nice long break), it seems as if we are going into a rather tumultuous 2023.
Another New Year where it’s forecasted by “experts” that we will have a triple pandemic, inflation, a recession, job loss, supply shortages, and all around ickiness.
Wow, how wonderfully uplifting, thanks!  😉
So let’s consciously decide on purpose to ignore all of that.
Slow Down. Unplug. Go within and decide on purpose what is important and what isn’t and what you (and only you) can do right now to change this doom and gloom trajectory for yourself.
Use the daily journaling worksheets. Listen to uplifting things. Decide that you are in charge and that you can do helpful things each and every day to better yourself and your life.
And then just trust —
your order is in transit.
Like always, I think you are wonderful and amazing and I’m proud of you.
Consider yourself loved and hugged.
xoxoxox steph

Many of you have taken me up on my offer for the Massive December discount on the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course and have begun going through the material.
YAY! I’m so happy that you have joined us!!!
If you’ve been on the fence for a while due to the pricing, I hear you. Now is the time to enroll, because I’ll be inching the price back up to “normal” as the months go on.
You have access to the course and the materials forever — so don’t feel as if you have to quickly absorb anything you aren’t ready for.
For reals.
I know that this course has the capability to DRASTICALLY shift your life in a positive way.
I want the next four years to be AMAZING for you.
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