Episode 62 of the Slow Living Podcast: (encore) Taking Stock of the Here & Now

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Hi there pretty people —
I usually email you in the morning (well, morning MY time) on Tuesdays—
but today you are getting me later.
I’m on day #3 of Covid and while I feel MUCH BETTER I am pretty darn low-energy and didn’t really feel like emailing earlier in the day.
 Today’s episode is an encore episode — right around Thanksgiving I made a conscious decision that I was going to unplug as best I can and bunker down with my family for the holiday season.
and that happened even BEFORE the Universe decided it was time for me to have covid!!!
Take a listen.
I’ve been coaching “for reals” since the fall of 2019. Some of my coaching clients have made ENORMOUS strides forward in all aspects of their life, just by journaling it all out and making a plan, and sticking with it.
I know, you are looking for something MAGICAL and MIND-BLOWING.
The biggest, shiniest, most bestest thing ever —
so me showing up in your inbox, and suggesting that taking the time to download journaling worksheets doesn’t seem all that revolutionary.
Hear me out.
Take a listen to the podcast episode, and do the work.
If you aren’t where you want to be, you’ve really got nothing to lose.
Like always, I think you are wonderful and amazing and I’m proud of you.
Consider yourself loved and hugged.
xoxoxox steph
Many of you have taken me up on my offer for the Massive December discount on the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course and have begun going through the material.
YAY! I’m so happy that you have joined us!!!
If you’ve been on the fence for a while due to the pricing, I hear you. Now is the time to enroll, because I’ll be inching the price back up to “normal” as the months go on.
You have access to the course and the materials forever — so don’t feel as if you have to quickly absorb anything you aren’t ready for.
For reals.
I know that this course has the capability to DRASTICALLY shift your life in a positive way.
I want the next four years to be AMAZING for you.
check out all the details, here.

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