Episode 61 of the Slow Living Podcast: (encore) Slowing Down for the Holidays

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Okie dokie artichokies —
this is happening.
The Holiday Season.
It really really really is.
I have recorded a new intro, but this is an encore episode of Slowing Down for the Holidays.
You should take a listen.
 This is a difficult time of the year to ‘get it all done’ —
even for the most grounded and centered and zen-ish person out there.
Sometimes the pressure to make everything memorable and perfect and create a photo-finish is enough to make us crack.
or enough to cause our back to go out.
Here I am, not able to move, a week after Thanksgiving.
I knew better, but I did way too much for way too many and neglected my own wants and wishes.
I know that if I stick to my sleep schedule, get up and meditate and journal before everyone else gets up, I feel calm, centered, and “in control.”
BUT. this past week at work was wonky — I had many teachers out sick (I’m a school secretary) so I was scrambling to find subs, we had our own crazy schedule at home with soccer and shuttling kids back to college and then back home again because of the UC strike —
and I went too fast.
I KNEW I was going too fast.
and then, all of a sudden, my back went out.
SO, take a listen, and do better than I did. 😉
Go Slow. Take the time to plan.
and if your body is trying to tell you something, listen to it.
Many of you have taken me up on my offer for the Massive December discount on the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course and have begun going through the material.
YAY! I’m so happy that you have joined us!!!
If you’ve been on the fence for a while due to the pricing, I hear you. Now is the time to enroll, because I’ll be inching the price back up to “normal” as the months go on.
You have access to the course and the materials forever — so don’t feel as if you have to quickly absorb anything you aren’t ready for.
For reals.
I know that this course has the capability to DRASTICALLY shift your life in a positive way.
I want the next four years to be AMAZING for you.
check out all the details, here.

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