Episode 60 of the Slow Living Podcast: 4 More Years

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Happy Tuesday, pretty people.
I’ve got a great listen for you today.
4 More Years.
I recorded this a week or so ago — and the theme is about paying attention to where you are right now — and if what you are doing will be “good enough” to do for the Next 4 Years.
are you on the right path?
is what you are doing sustainable for another 4 years?
are you happy?
do you feel satisfied?
 I recorded this with the mindset that I am 4 years away from turning 50 — so I started asking myself these questions —
can I do what I’m doing now, and not feel burnt out, not feel taken for granted, not feel overworked and under-appreciated for another 4 Years?
is that a possibility?
What about for YOU?
if you keep going the way you’re going with your heath, your finances, your relationships —
will it look okay and BE OKAY in another 4 years?
If not, why  not?
what needs to change?
take a listen and LMK your thoughts — only you know what rings true for you and in your own life.
Go slow. Take the time to really ponder these questions as you move through your day/week/end of the month.
xoxo steph



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