Episode 58 of the Slow Living Podcast: Sober Curious

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Good morning pretty people and thank you for being a part of my Slow Down Society.
I am so thankful you are here.
Today’s email and episode is about exploring the effect alcohol has in your life —
is there a place for it?
is it taking up too much room?
In episode #24 we discussed labels — and how I’m not a fan of them. Deciding on purpose to really pay attention to how much alcohol (or food or social media) you are consuming does not mean you are an alcoholic. (Or that you have an eating disorder or are addicted to social media.)
I’d like you instead to take off the label and keep an open mind and just EXPLORE.
Be Curious.
I was nervous about recording this episode, even though this topic bubbles up almost each week with my coaching calls and the students in the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course.
Alcohol is VERY prevalent in our society, and it seems sometimes like you really just can’t get away.

At a baby boutique this past summer, I saw onesies with bedazzled phrases such as,

“I’m the reason mommy drinks”

Is this a good message to dress our kids in?
So. Be open minded. Be curious.
If something is not actively HELPING you move forward in your life and help you achieve your dream life, explore why you are continuing with it.
Step 1 in living a Slow Life is to Declutter all that is not working.
In this episode I also talk about the difference between Start Goals and Stop Goals and how to make them a daily habit.
lots and lots of love to you.
I think you are wonderful.
xoxo steph
If you would like to hop on the phone with me and discuss whether or not you think Alcohol is getting in the way of your dream life, you can place yourself onto my calendar, here.
Here is the book recommendation — This Naked Mind
and in case you haven’t had the opportunity to download:
I hope you find them useful!!

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