Episode 57 of the Slow Living Podcast: Protecting Your Energy

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Good morning Slow Down Society and Happy Tuesday!

Raise your hand if you’ve been told this before by well-meaning adults while you were growing up (teachers, parents, grumpy people in the grocery store) —

The World Does Not Revolve Around You.

Probably, right?
It’s certainly a great way to shame kids and people and get them to stay in their lane.
Today on the podcast we are going to flip it.
If you are a mom, you most certainly ARE the center of the universe in your household.
And you need to be protected and cherished and nourished and treat yourself as the valuable and irreplaceable being of which you are.
Listen in as I share the thought shift that needs to happen in order for you to decide once and for all that you are IN CHARGE.
And you need to protect yourself so you can do your Being In Charge properly.
This isn’t a woe-is-me, I’m going to embrace martyrdom because no one else can possibly do it as good as I can —
When you are in charge, you most certainly can delegate!! 😉
But you need to take care of yourself — all of your wants and needs FIRST.
You are the center.
you are the nucleus.
lots and lots of love to you.
I think you are wonderful.
xoxo steph

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