Episode 53 of the Slow Living Podcast: The Bare Minimum

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Hi there and thanks for being here for another episode of the Slow Living Podcast.
I am recovering from a cold.
Because of all the mask-wearing I’ve done over the past 2.5 years — this is the first cold I’ve had in a very very very long time.
and it sucked.
I know, I’m a great big huge wuss and there are people suffering with a LOT MORE THAN JUST A COLD.
but it still sucked and because of it, I was forced to do the very bare minimum for a few days while my body coughed and leaked snot all over the place.
??  ??  ??
So — what’s your plan when you have a horrible day?
what do you do when you don’t want to do anything?
Remember — life isn’t a game of Chutes and Ladders —
you won’t slide backwards if you aren’t feeling well or need to take a day off from moving forwards on your goals and dreams.
In order for YOU to feel good about YOU —
you do need to decide what your basic bare minimum is.
and that’s what this week’s episode is all about.
I hope you enjoy this episode — and AS ALWAYS — if you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email or tag me @stephanieodea
on Instagram or Facebook or record a voicemail question.
Consider yourself loved and hugged. I think you are wonderful.
I could use your help!!
I need more Topics to Talk About!!
OR — if you have something you’d like to have me cover on an upcoming episode or have a clarifying question —
I’d LOVE to hear from you!!!
(don’t worry, you can hear your voicemail and approve it before it gets sent. 🙂  )

PS: I LOVE it so much that you have scrolled down to the very bottom to read the PS.

🙂 thank you.

Now hit reply and send me a few topics to talk about for the upcoming episodes!!


lol. 😉

xoxo steph


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