Episode 46 of the Slow Living Podcast: Cultivating Creativity, part 2

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Hi there,  and thanks for being here for another episode of the Slow Living Podcast.

Today’s episode is PART 2 with my fabulous friend Kim Demmon.

 Because our chatting got away from us, we ended up splitting our conversation into two parts — the first was in episode 45 and this episode concludes our interview.

 So why is Creativity important, and why should you cultivate it?

Because humans are designed to keep busy and entertain our brains. A lot of times we give all our “good stuff” away to others — and so then we are kind of left feeling a bit sad, a bit like we are missing “SOMETHING” —

creativity — in any form — is something JUST FOR US.

Just for YOU.

it’s not a side hustle. it’s not something to prove to your friends (IRL or in the computer…)

it is FOR YOU.

Kim is the owner/operator of two online sites:

Today’s Creative Life 

Jack Pine Jones

 I hope you enjoy it!



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