Episode 45 of the Slow Living Podcast: Cultivating Creativity with Kim Demmon

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Hi there, and thanks for being here for another episode of the Slow Living Podcast.
Today’s episode is an interview with one of the best people I’ve ever met, Kim Demmon.
I mentioned Kim briefly in episode 44, when I was discussing online influencers and after I finished that recording, I texted right away and asked if she’d be willing to be on the show.
we chatted so long that this interview is in 2 parts — with the first part now available.
Kim and I get right down to being personal and transparent about WHY and HOW the internet can suck out and chip away at creativity and how to put your blinders on so you DO YOU —
Because we all are creative beings — it doesn’t matter what your creative side looks like — crafting, writing, gardening, scrapbooking, homesteading, decorating
but if you spend too much time looking at what other people are doing you can think you aren’t all that creative.
and that’s not fun.
This is it, this is life. Do the things you’ve wanted to do — start small, start slow, and start creating.
Kim is the owner/operator of two online sites:
We also go off topic a bit (a lot) and talk about hormones, MLMs, online influencers, making money on blogs, aging, and how we both sleep with CPAP machines.
I hope you enjoy it!
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