Episode 40 of the Slow Living Podcast: The Sunday Scaries

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Hi there, Hello, and thanks for being here for another episode of the Slow Living Podcast.
This little podcast has really grown in these past 40 weeks and it’s all because of amazing and wonderful people Just Like You.


Today we are going to dive into a listener question from Tracy, who asks how to deal with the “Sunday Scaries.”

Listen in as I share easy ways to try and ease the pain and anxiety that comes every weekend when you are trying to balance work, family, inlaws, and social obligations.
It’s tricky. I’m not going to lie and say that everything is always going to be sunshine and roses and sparkly unicorns when you learn how to SLOW DOWN —
But. There are definitely some things that you (and Tracy!) can do to help ease the burden and the anxiety.
Please know that you’re not alone if you feel this way from time to time —

I hope you enjoy this episode — and AS ALWAYS — if you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email or tag me @stephanieodea
on Instagram or Facebook or record a voicemail question.
Consider yourself loved and hugged. I think you are wonderful.
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