Episode 38 of the Slow Living Podcast: Stop Chasing Happiness

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Let’s talk BEING HAPPY.
are you happy?
if not, why not?
do you feel that happiness is something just outside your reach — and something that you are reaching for and searching for and something that OTHER people have and you don’t?
and you feel like you’re Missing Something?
If so, then this newest podcast episode is for you.

after listening you will:

? learn that happiness in itself is NOT a goal

? listen as I share how real life has ups and downs and in betweens and what to do about it

? hear how to set yourself up for a life that feeds your soul and provides purpose, which in turn equals happiness
 ? begin to shift your perspective on how feeling ALL of the emotions makes HAPPY feel amazing
 ? learn what to do to when inevitable bad things happen
 ? hear my advice on what to do when you feel behind in life
? learn the 3 mistruths about Being Happy
?  hear how mindset work on your own or with a coach is one of the very best things you can do to uncover whatever blocks you might be unconsciously carrying around
I hope you enjoy this episode — and AS ALWAYS — if you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email or tag me @stephanieodea
on Instagram or Facebook or record a voicemail question.
Consider yourself loved and hugged. I think you are wonderful.
Since the Fall of 2020, I’ve been coaching a handful of women, one-on-one, to help them achieve their own personal goals.
I specialize in long-term Dream Life planning — together, we will map out what you’d like your life to look like and feel like —
and then from there, we work backwards to make a stepping-stone path so you can meet (or exceed!) all of your goals.
Even the ones that seem a bit far-fetched.
if you’re ready to live out the life you’ve always dreamt about — the one filled with peace, joy, abundance, and a sense of purpose —
Let me know. You can read more about what I offer, here:
if you’d like to chat with me on the phone to see if we are a good fit, you can add yourself to my calendar, here:

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