Episode 35 of the Slow Living Podcast: Real Clients Real Results meet Beth

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In March of 2020, after realizing that everything was going to be locked down for quite a while, I decided on two things.
1) we needed a puppy (yay for Sheldon!)
2) it was time to finish the Life Coaching certification I started eons ago
since the Fall of 2020, I’ve been coaching a handful of women, one-on-one, to help them achieve their own personal goals.
I decided to take training in all the different components of life & time management and goal-setting, rather than just focus on one specific area such as weight-loss or job satisfaction.
because I believe that you can’t simply focus on one specific component if you want amazing things to happen in your life.
We’ve all heard stories about the business executive who rose to amazing heights in her company only to have her family life crumble all around her.
or the neighbor who was so focused on her gym membership that she didn’t realize her kids were failing at school.
That’s why I help people in ALL areas of their life.
we break it down, make a master plan, then divvy it up.
It might not be super quick and flashy and sexy, but it works.
and today, I have an interview with Beth, one of my former coaching clients, to share with you.
You can hear from her, directly!

Listen in as we chat and Beth shares what she learned by working directly with me and how she decided to Go For It and reach out for help.

after listening you will:

? learn how Beth wove in our coaching talks into her day to day life

? listen as Beth shares how she “takes a beat” and deliberately slows down before reacting

? hear how Beth bet on herself and refinanced her home — all by herself!
 ? begin to shift your perspective on how it’s
okay to ask for help and put your own needs first
 ? learn what to do to if you have issues or things from your past that currently haunt you
 ? hear Beth’s advice on what “doing the work” means and how to do hard things
? learn how Beth healed from the past in order to move forward
?  hear how using the components of the Simple Shortcuts to Peace course helped shape all aspects/components of Beth’s longterm goal-setting

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Consider yourself loved and hugged. I think you are wonderful.

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