episode 29 of the Slow Living Podcast: Clean Less Play More

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Today’s episode — # 29 — comes directly from reader emails and messages —

many of you LOVE the simple and easy chores and Daily To Do list as outlined in the Totally Together and Clean Less, Play More books.

but you want it even easier.

I get it.

Listen in as I share what chores are absolutely necessary, what aren’t, how our house is pretty-much-always ready for company in less than 30 minutes, and how I DO NOT LIKE CLEANING.

but I still like things clean.



after listening you will:

? learn the 7 Daily Chores to do — no matter what

? listen in as I explain how to make these chores no-brainers as you go through your day

? hear my ideas on how to get the rest of your family on board
 ? begin to shift your perspective on why a clean and tidy home is necessary for your mental health
 ? learn what chores you can put off in a high-stress period
 ? hear how humans crave structure and order
? learn how to plan out your morning and nighttime routine for success


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