episode 28 of the Slow Living Podcast: Mindset is Everything

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Today, we are going to talk MINDSET.

This word gets thrown around an awful lot —

and I have a lot of thoughts on what it means, what it doesn’t, and how to slowly and carefully massage your mindset into one that works well for you — in whatever phase of life you might be currently in.

In a nutshell — mindset is about staying in the here and now and paying attention, without judgment, to what your brain is saying.

You have a constant dialogue  – when you are driving, when you are trying to fall asleep –

And a lot of times you aren’t paying attention to what your thoughts and mental chatter say –

And I’m suggesting that in order to live out the life of your dreams – the kind of life you want to live on purpose –

You should try your hardest to pay attention to your thoughts the very best that you can.

Mindfulness is a psychological process that allows you to pay attention to experiences as they happen without judgment.

It’s simple:

It’s about fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, and where you are.

Mindfulness plays a huge part in emotional stability because it represents one single factor:

It allows you to be not overly reactive to the negative situations happening in your life.

after listening you will:

? learn how to build out your life, piece by piece

? listen in as I explain how having a positive mindset doesn’t mean ignoring reality

? hear my ideas on how to realign your thoughts so you are acting instead of reacting
 ? begin to shift your perspective on why you should ask yourself open-ended questions
 ? learn 4 ways to upgrade your mindset beginning today
 ? hear how classrooms are cultivating a growth mindset as part of the curriculum
? learn how I use journaling to keep my mindset “on track”


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