episode 25: Caring for the Caregiver

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The newest episode of the Slow Living Podcast got released this past week and it’s all about Caring for the Caregiver.
And chances are, you classify yourself as a caregiver in some way.

after listening you will:

? learn how not all of us WANT to be caregivers, and that is okay

? listen in as I explain how if you don’t fill your “own cup first” you are headed down a slippery slope

? hear my ideas on how to care for yourself when you are touched out and exhausted
 ? begin to shift your perspective on why it’s okay to not do things out of obligation
 ? learn how to set realistic goals and expectations of yourself
 ? hear how you need to continue to envision the future and plan for it
? listen in as I explain how and when to seek outside help and support for respite

Are You Ready to UpLevel Your Life?
? Only you know if you wake up each morning with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.
 ? Only you know if you are happy and fulfilled and feel as if you are living out your best life.
We, as women, are fantastic at “faking it” — we will dress the part and say the words and model good behavior for our children —
but it’s not fun to go through life feeling as if you are a “faker.”
I can help you.
I have a few openings in my schedule each week for free no-strings-attached coaching calls.
I absolutely LOVE these calls — if you ever wanted to know what coaching feels like or if you have a secret hunch that you somehow must be “missing something” — then having another set of eyes on your brain is extremely valuable.
It’s time to take action. You can’t get to where you want to go unless you take steps in the right direction.
Please remember that YOU are important and YOU need to take care of yourself.
It’s not selfish to put your self and your needs first.
There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between self-indulgent and narcissistic behavior and taking the time you need to rest and recuperate.
lots and lots and lots of love.
xoxo I think you are wonderful.

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